ISO 45001 Project

ISO’s Project Committee No. 283 (ISO/PC 283) is responsible for the development of ISO 45001

ISO/PC 283’s membership currently includes:
- 58 participating countries,
- 15 observer countries,
- 16 liaison members.

This new standard is being developed to:

The Draft Standard Puts Empahsis On:

Top management :
  - being accountable for OH&S management
  - needing to demonstrate leadership.

 Worker participation in:
   - the identification of hazards and risks
   - the development and operation of the OH&S management system, and indicates these are            essential for success.

 The need to prevent ill-health (including mental  ill-health), as well as injuries

The need to recognize that the causes of ill-health and  injuries can be through
  - immediate impacts (e.g. accidents or epidemics)
  - longer term impacts (such as repeated
    exposure to radiation or carcinogenic chemicals, or to a
    constantly stressful working environment)

Structure of  ISO/CD 45001.2

A new common format has been developed by ISO for use in all its management system standards, and is being used by ISO 45001. This is often referred to as “Annex SL”, and gives:

1              Scope

2              Normative references

3              Terms and definitions

4              Context of the organization

4.1          Understanding the organization and its context 
4.2          Understanding the needs and expectations workers and other interested parties
4.3          Determining the scope of OH&S management system
4.4          OH&S management system and its processes

5              Leadership, worker participation and consultation

5.1          Leadership and commitment
5.2          Policy
5.3          Organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities
5.4         Participation, consultation and representation

6            Planning

6.1          Actions to address risks and opportunities
6.2          OH&S objectives and planning to achieve them

7            Support

7.1          Resources
7.2          Competence
7.3          Awareness
7.4          Information and communication
7.5          Documented information

8            Operation

8.1          Operational planning and control
8.2          Management of change
8.3          Outsourcing
8.4          Procurement
8.5         Contractors
8.6         Emergency preparedness and response

9           Performance evaluation

9.1          Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation
9.2          Internal audit
9.3          Management review

10        Improvement

10.1        General
10.2        Incident, non-conformity and corrective action
10.3        Continual improvement

ISO 45001 Development Process

The result of the ballot on the second draft standard has been successful in supporting moving the standard to publication. 

The final date of publication is very likely to be in 2018.

The National Standard's Bodies voted with 88% in favour. Evidently the modifications to earlier editions now meet most nations needs.  

The next stage will be a meeting of the drafting committee in Malacca, Malaysia on 18 to 23 September 2017.  Here the committee may either decide to issue a final draft standard or move directly to publication.  

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